Give Me Some Space!

O-6 was recently accepted to the Marshall University: School of Art & Design 6th Annual National Juried Exhibition titled “Give Me Some Space!”.  This year’s exhibition was juried by Alison Helm, chair/coordinator of the WVU Visual Arts Department, and it sounds like a great show.  If you are in the area, the exhibition opens January 16th at the Marshall VAC and runs through February 10th.



concrete casting and assembly

Progress shots of the second hinge piece titled “seized”.  This was the first time casting concrete in a long time, and of course I tried a new recipe.  (meh on the mix, don’t know if the perlite weight reduction was worth the sloppiness/pitting and airholes on some of the surfaces).  All in all, the piece is coming along the way I wanted, so thats a plus.  I’m about to have the road signs cut out on the waterjet, will put up some images when i get them.

End of Semester Work

Student work from 3D Design and Sculpture I at FSU

The first semester of the new sculpture program wrapped up last thursday with final critiques, and the students rose to the occasion.  Lots of sweat and tears, but only minimal blood, so that’s a plus.  The 3D students researched and built scaled-up pieces in the style of Claes Oldenburg, using mostly foam, paint, and some found objects.  Scale was critical, and they pulled it off.  The Sculpture classes had the opportunity to build a sculptural table, with function being optional.  There was a broad range of outcomes, from finely crafted functional furniture to interesting sculpture.


This piece is an abstracted interpretation of how Philadelphia ironworkers, part of the local “401” trade union, could look if they became the construct of their actions on site.  Better documentation will be coming, these shots are from my studio during construction and the initial install in a small, local gallery in Morgantown.