Our first exhibition of the season opens

Our first exhibition of the season opens September 10th at the James Brooks Gallery in Wallman Hall, Fairmont State University. It’s an alumni show, check the link below- http://ow.ly/ovQ6Q http://ow.ly/ovQcV


End of Semester Work

Student work from 3D Design and Sculpture I at FSU

The first semester of the new sculpture program wrapped up last thursday with final critiques, and the students rose to the occasion.  Lots of sweat and tears, but only minimal blood, so that’s a plus.  The 3D students researched and built scaled-up pieces in the style of Claes Oldenburg, using mostly foam, paint, and some found objects.  Scale was critical, and they pulled it off.  The Sculpture classes had the opportunity to build a sculptural table, with function being optional.  There was a broad range of outcomes, from finely crafted functional furniture to interesting sculpture.

Oldenburg enlargement work

FSU Foundations Students work on Claes Oldenburg themed project

The Fairmont State 3D Foundations students finished out the semester by building scaled-up sculptures of ordinary, everyday items and the results were great.  Based on the work of pop-artist Claes Oldenburg, they had the choice of making their pieces rigid or soft, and could use any materials they deemed appropriate.  The students focused on scale, craftsmanship, detail, concept, and displayed real resourcefulness in finding and combining their materials.  This was a great semester, they really took to the work and made some outstanding pieces. The handout can be downloaded or viewed here for the Oldenburg project.

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