Concept to Completion

I am excited to have weighting accepted to the Western Cast Iron Conference show Concept to Completion in Scottsdale Arizona.  The show had over 110 entries and was juried by Mary Bates Neubauer and Wendy Raisanen.  This exhibition will take place during the 2016 5th Biennial Western Cast Iron Art Conference and will be on display in Scottsdale, Arizona in The Gallery@ the Civic Center Library.  The show runs October 3rd-December 31, 2016.


“unhinged” traveling to Denver for Ice Breaker 6

After the small works exhibition in Philly, this little guy will be heading to Denver.  He was slated to meet his other two mates out there, but they will still be in TX at a show.  Exciting to get these pieces out to the public, the feedback has been positive.

The New Crop of Shoes

Fairmont State Foundations

It’s that time again, and our talented 3D Foundations students at Fairmont State University have not disappointed.  With only a few rolls of masking tape and two weeks of class time, these artists recreate custom footwear, keeping a direct 1-1 scale with their source shoes.  For more information on how the 3D and Sculpture department is progressing, follow my blog!

“Punching Cattle on a Jackrabbit.”

On March 1, from 7 to 9 p.m., Brooks Gallery will host the opening reception for Véronique Côté’s new exhibition, “Punching Cattle on a Jackrabbit.” There will be a talk by the artist.  The reception is free and open to the public.

Côté, who is an adjunct in the Department of Art, turns her critical and aesthetic eye toward the peculiarities of American culture.  The artist is French-Canadian and steeped in current theory and studio practice and is well-placed to comment on American art and culture.

She says of the work in her exhibition, “To the foreign eye, the mixture of traditionalism, corporate dominion, religious indoctrination and pop culture that shape American heritage is a truly surreal experience. “Punching Cattle on a Jackrabbit” looks at the way in which America, and to some extent the Western World, builds and catechizes culture through the creations of multiple vagaries: mixtures of cultural artifacts, traditions, stereotypes and bizarre humor. The association of objects and images such as Disney’s Snow White characters, Mexican wrestlers, granny squares, and toy soldiers, along with a panoply of woodland creatures brings a comical tone to a capricious appraisal of our contemporary culture of war, violence, capitalism and popular kitsch.”

Côté’s exhibition will be on display through March 31.  Regular gallery hours are Mondays – Fridays 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Special arrangements may be made by calling or e-mailing Curator Marian J Hollinger: (304) 367-4300;