Artist Bio and Statement


Artist Bio and Statement


Born and raised in upstate New York, I received my BFA from Alfred University in 1998 and my MFA from West Virginia University in 2007. Currently, I am the 3D and Sculpture Coordinator and Gallery Director for Fairmont State University in Fairmont, WV. My work continues to investigate materials and processes, and how these elements could coalesce in the realm of industry, infrastructure, defense, aesthetics, and abstraction.  The resulting constructions often loosely reference the figure, as an individual, and as an element within our social structure.  My perspective on the importance of different construction-grade materials as a medium for conceptual commentary has allowed me to investigate how our dependence on function and structure can be harnessed as an aesthetic venue. I attempt to show that the utilization of these materials and the processes that make, cultivate, or employ them are often necessary within our society, can enter political discourse, and yet are rarely relished as an artistic edifice.



Jeremy Entwistle


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