Exuberant Politics…

new prints just accepted to a big multi-gallery show in Iowa

Three of the new clear, hold, build prints were just accepted to a big multi-venue exhibition organized by the group exuberant politics in Iowa.  “Enjoy The Show”, “Life Changing”, and “Feels Like Coming Home” were selected and will be shown from March 1- April 9 at Legion Arts in Cedar Rapids and Public Space One in Iowa City.


One thought on “Exuberant Politics…

  1. Ashley Kyber October 29, 2014 / 1:26 pm

    Yo Jeremy,
    This is Ashley Kyber,
    I was introduced to your work by my buddy, Mike Blackburn. We both teach landscape architecture at WVU. I’m also a Cranbrook grad in Ceramics- would like to get to know you and possibly get you involved in some projects we are doing in the “Beltline” district in Fairmont next term. We will have a storefront space to work in. Come join us…. Ashley Kyber 304-685 5484 – or ashley.kyber@mail.wvu.edu

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