FSU Iron Foundry Update:

Firing up the furnace, making molds, breaking iron

Here are some images of the Iron Cupola and it’s components being installed at the Fairmont State University Foundry with it’s new lining.  After the ceramic material is rammed into place and dried, we brought it up to melting temperature.  Basically it’s a 12″ chimney stack with some real high-fire refractory to protect the walls, some forced air inlets, pour and slag holes, and a trap door on the bottom.  The large chunks of burning embers at the bottom are remaining lumps of “coke” or the high-temp fuel for the operation.  We will actually be able to reclaim that fuel and use it for the pour.  Excitement is building, iron is being broken up, and the sand molds are being made in advance of the 10/26 pour that is scheduled.  Contact me with any questions about the process or our operation-

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